19 November 2014


Here is an example of Newari design in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. I love the contrast of red on this 12th century Buddha. 

23 October 2014

Smart design : Les Schwab

While in the waiting room at Les Schwab this month, I was delighted to see this ingenious phone charger for waiting customers. #greatdesign

A great study in human centric design.

28 September 2014

10 August 2014

Crater Lake Rim Run 2014

I participated in the Crater Lake Rim Run this past weekend and it was one of the prettiest runs that I have been on so far. The elevation (7000 feet) was an unknown variable for me and it takes its toll on most athletes. I did the 6.7 mile run and felt like I had a run a half. Being at 7000 feet and gaining 1000 feet altitude (while running) is a very different physiological experience than doing it at sea level.  I was happy with my run and it was mostly a training run for my EBC trip in the fall. Scrumpy had a blast.

24 July 2014

Stanford d.school : Design Thinking

I had an opportunity to participate in a Design Thinking Bootcamp course at the Stanford school of design (d.school) this past month. The class is a joint venture between the graduate school of business and the Stanford school of design.  I'm a huge fan of David Kelley (last photo) and it was great to be around him and the school he helped design.

If you are interested in the area of design, I encourage you to check out what's going at the d.School.  The process is rooted in deep empathy with customers, group ideation, and rapid and iterative prototyping. You manipulate time and physical space through these phases and put product in front of customers very quickly.

27 June 2014

Stanford d.School : Hello World

And here is my Stanford d.School Design Thinking Hello World video.

11 August 2013

Around Mount Hood

Here are some shots of Lucas's first visit to the Salmon River and a Bigfoot sighting. ;)

13 July 2013

Smith Rock

Here are some shots from our trip to Bend and central Oregon this past month. I ran a 1/2 marathon at Smith Rock and it was such a beautiful course and part of the country! Cheers to summer and it is amazing to be outside.

26 January 2013

Western Tibet & Shishapangma

The Tibetan plateau can be a harsh and unforgiving place. The air is dry and cold and the nights are well below freezing.  As harsh a place as it is,  the western plateau is breathtakingly stunning. The landscape resembles a high desert with few trees and open plateau in all directions.  The plateau is broken only by the majesty of the Himalayan range and an occasional land cruiser. 

The people that I encountered,  I will never forget.  It's woth noting that  facial features change dramatically as you travel west into the Plateau; My guide joked that they become very distinctly Tibetan.

The variety of wild life is stunning and although I wasn't fortunate enough to see the elusive snow leopard, I did see the very endangered black neck crane . There was flock of about 100 birds near a watering hole and as peered at them through my binoculars, I had a new appreciation of what endangered meant. 

There is a visible Tantric influence from India that runs through the art, culture, and architecture in western Tibet.  The influence is attributed to the fact that artists and scholars from India were invited to Tibet during its early kingdom. The connection between Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism is hard to miss and it's is quite literally written on the walls. :)

Tantric Temple Art

22 December 2012

Mount Everest

Here is a view of Mount Everest from a 16k foot pass in Western Tibet. Watching the snow blow off the Mountain and thinking it was still another 10k feet to the summit is humbling.  This is the second time I've seen Everest and she never disappoints.